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Graduate Interior Designers

Requirements for Registration

Subject to the Architect Act 1967, any person who holds qualifications recognized by the Board shall be entitled, on application, to be registered as a Graduate Interior Designer.

  1. The applicant shall be a person who:
      a. Holds a qualification which is recognised by the Board (Please refer to the List of Interior Design Programmes).
  2. An applicant with qualifications which is not recognised by the Board shall be required to undertake the Qualifying Assessment conducted by the Architectural Examination Council of Malaysia.
  3. The list of Interior Design Programmes accredited by the Board refers to programmes conducted by the relevant universities / institutions on a full-time basis at their main campuses. The list does not include programmes conducted by the said universities / institution wither in the form of twinning, franchise or based on agreements between recognised and unrecognised universities / institutions. Applicants from the said programmes are required to undertake and pass the Qualifying Assessment before they are qualified to register as a Graduate Interior Designers with the Board.
  4. Application for registration must be submitted using the prescribed Registration Form together with the following:
    • 2 copies of recent photographs
    • a copy of Identity Card / Passport
    • a copy of the SPM or O Level certificate or equivalent
    • a copy of the STPM, A Level, Foundation, Matriculation or equivalent
    • a copy of the Diploma or Degree
    • Examination transcripts for each year of study
  5. Registration fee for the amount of RM 100.00 and processing fees of RM 100.00 vide cheque / money order / bank draft in favour of 'Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia’. Payments can be combined and made using one (1) cheque.
  6. All documents submitted must be certified as true copies by an Interior Designer and / or Architect registered with the Board.
  7. Criteria for Registration: PRE-REQUISITES
    1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Interior Design / Interior Architecture from a LAM recognized / accredited program * (a minimum of 3½ years of full time studies; and
    2. Minimum of two years (2) of post-graduate internship experience in the field of Interior Design; OR
    3. LAM Part I architectural program (plus minimum of one (1) years work experience on Interior Design projects); OR
    4. LAM Part II architectural program.
    1. To register as a Graduate ID with LAM at least one (1) year prior to the date of examination;
    2. To submit a logbook of work experience / internship (for a period of two years) certified by his / her supervisor;
    3. To submit a Project Evaluation Report certified by his / her supervisor (registered Interior Designer / Architect);
    4. To pass an Interior Design Licensure Examination conducted by LAM;
    5. Candidates who pass this examination would be eligible to apply for registration as Interior Designer with LAM.
  9. Notes

    • Candidates without a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualifications in Interior Design from a LAM recognized / accredited program shall be required to undertake a Qualifying Assessment conducted by LAM.
    • Candidates unsuccessful in the Qualifying Assessment shall be required to undertake the Integrated Design Project - Interior Design (IDP-ID) conducted by LAM.
    • Candidates intending to take the ID Licensure Examination in 2020 are allowed to fill their logbook of practical experience retrospectively.
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