Friday, 15th October 2021

Appendix E (Interior Design Programmes)

Arrangement for the visit



The Visiting Panel would prefer to see each School as it usually is in everyday use, with as many of the studios and lectures as possible operating in their normal way.


Course Work Exhibition



To display a complete range of studio works with programmes attached to each course in all years of the programme to be arranged chronologically so as to show the development of the curriculum throughout the entire programme.  As far as is practicable the sequence of work shown should follow the sequence of the programme.



Works shall be displayed separately and consecutively with the exception of large sets of drawings, which are best overlapped.



For graduating students at Part I and Part II, the final drawings shall be displayed individually together with a portfolio of the previous years’ works.



The line of demarcation between the works of each year should be clear.



Examples of written thesis, reports and dissertations should also be made available.



In selecting the works for the exhibition, the School is asked to display a cross-section of the students’ works rather than just the works of the best students.



The School is asked to arrange for a member of the staff to explain briefly the work of each year.  The Panel is interested in the philosophy or main objectives of each year and their relation with the preceding and following year.



Portfolio of five (5) students who achieved the highest, average and lowest pass should be made available for each year of the programme.  The basis of selection – highest, average and lowest - is made clear on the portfolio.  The preparatory material as well as the final drawings should also be included in the portfolios so as to reveal the students’ approach to projects.



For schools seeking new accreditation, the portfolios should include works which the graduating students have done in preceding years so as to build up a total picture of his progress.  For example the portfolio of a Third Year student should contain his First and Second Year works.



For established schools seeking continuing accreditation, it is sufficient to show cross-section samples of students’ portfolios for each semester/year. However for graduating batches, all students must display their current works. The previous years’ works should also be made available for the Panel’s inspection.



Dissertations and other written works such as reports or essays shall be made available for the Panel’s inspection.



To provide information on the following :-



The system of examinations used in the School including information on the subjects examined, timing of examinations, feedback to students and staff.



The School’s method of assessing design work and the level of performance which students are expected to maintain.



Copies of all current examination question papers together with samples of students’ answer scripts and mark sheets.  The examination papers should be grouped in sets of related subjects and clearly marked in years.  Two examples of answer scripts on the border of pass and fail shall be clearly marked  so  as  to  enable members  of  the  Panel  to  check the  minimum standard quickly. The usual mark sheets should be attached to each set of papers.


Meeting With Staff And Students



The Panel would like to meet as many of the staff as is practicable especially the subject and studio coordinators.



The Panel would also like to have a meeting with all the students of the programme.

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