Tuesday, 28th September 2021

Appendix B (Interior Design Programmes)


1.1 Entry Requirements

Entry requirements shall be instituted to ensure that only candidates with no less than the minimum required quality are accepted into the programme.

1.1.1 The entry requirements shall comply with the minimum entry standards to higher  learning  institution  set  out  under  the  Malaysian  Qualification Agency (MQA) and the Ministry of Higher Education.
1.1.2 Details of the entry requirements must be clearly spelt out and published in the School’s Programme Prospectus and Handbook.

1.2 Advanced Standing

‘Advanced Standing’ means an admission of candidate to a  programme  at an appropriate semester in accordance to MQA’s requirement.

1.2.1 There must be explicit criteria for admission    of students with a particular standing, by transfer from other institutions or from other background  or  discipline,  and policies on evaluating works  undertaken elsewhere for credit transfer wherever is appropriate towards the qualification, provided the requirement under paragraph 4.9.1 is met.
1.2.2 A remedial process or corrective measure must also be in place to address differing standards of  candidates admitted from a non-accredited programme.

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