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Category Directory No. Person in-charge
Architect 8-1-1-1 Pn. Azizul
Graduate Architect 8-1-1-2 Pn. Nurul Syaza
Interior Designer 8-1-1-3 En. Firdaus
Building Draughtsman 8-1-1-4 Cik Myzatul
IOW & AT 8-1-1-5 En. Syahirul
architectural Practices 8-1-2-1 Pn. Mahani
Interior Design Practices 8-1-2-2 En. Firdaus
CPD 8-1-3 En. Hafiz
Part I & Part II8-2-1 Pn. Nurul Syaza
Part III 8-2-2 En. Firdaus & Cik Myzatul
Interior Designer 8-2-3 En. Firdaus
Letter of Release & Arbitration 8-3-1 Cik Nur Santi
CCC Deposition 8-3-2
Practice Enquiry (except registration/firm/exam) 8-3-3 Cik Nur Santi
Complaint 8-3-4 Cik Nurshafiqah
International Affairs
International Affairs 8-4-1
Acreditation of Architectural & Interior Design Programmes 8-5-1 En. Syahirul
Validation of Architectural Programmes 8-5-2 En. Syahirul
Management 8-6-1 Pn. Farah
Finance 8-6-2 Pn. Farah & Pn. Azura
Informtion Technology
Information Technology 8-6-3 En. Hazli

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